• Branded Content+

    Content devised to full a brand objective, mostly raise awareness by associating brand with content material that share's brand values, culture and belief.

  • AFP Production +

    Advertising Funded Program (AFP) is a partnership between a platform (television, social media channel etc) and a brand, where a brand controls the content itself instead of just commissioning it.

  • Original Content +

    Generally referred to onlinally produced programming commissioned by a publisher platform or individual

  • Digital Content Innovation +

    Innovative use of new media platforms to ensure immersive user experience.

  • Content Led Campaign +

    Marketing campaign effort that's driven by content at it's centre.

  • Corporate AV +

    Audio Visual solutions that are mapped to specific corporate objectives and vision.

  • Social Impact Videos +

    Videos commissioned by brands or institutions to ensure spread of a social message and responsibilities.

  • Music Video +

    Original video to accompany music record of an artist or band.